Here at Music For Little People we’re really looking forward to the warmer weather.    We’ll soon be singing about birds as they all return for the Summer.  We’ll be “flying and gliding” as we identify everyday sounds and singing lots of other songs with birds as the theme.  The older children will be tapping the rhythms of four of our feathered friends and notating the sound of the “cuckoo”.  We’ll all be involved in music that has birds as a theme – from listening “oh so carefully” for that cuckoo call again in “The Carnival of the Animals” to jiving to “Bluebirds over the Mountain” by the Beach Boys.  We’ll also visit countries as diverse as the West Indies and Australia to hear about the yellow bird and the kookaburra.

We’ll also be waddling like ducks, soaring with the seagulls and counting down from 5 as those naughty ducks get lost while swimming.  Luckily they are all found again and class can continue!    Children learn such a lot through the medium of song especially when those songs are accompanied by actions.  They will name familiar objects around the room, name body parts and also incorporate names of actions: they’ll move “faster” and “slower”, stretch “higher” and “lower” and respond to instructions such as “stop” and “go”.  Some of the songs will be traditional favorites such as “Wind Your Bobbin Up” and “Five Little Ducklings I Once Knew” which some of the children will already be familiar with.  Other songs are those especially composed for the classes by Karen Dickinson.

In the second half of the term we shall travel to the ocean to meet and sing about the sea.  We’ll be rowing our boats (– but watch out for that crocodile!) and splashing with the paddle steamer.  We’ll meet some creatures that live in the ocean and see how good we are at stopping during our sailing song.  We”ll have fun together stomping to a Maori gathering song from New Zealand and travel to Bolivia to hear the pan pipes.  The music we listen to covers many different styles and includes music by both male and female composers.

Please feel free to pass on this information to your friends.  Don’t forget that if you recommend a friend to Music For Little People, and they sign up for a 10-week term, you will receive a voucher for ONE FREE CLASS to be used in a subsequent term.

We’re looking forward to seeing you soon at music class!  Karen