Climb aboard for a musical adventure with exciting songs and activities about the seaside, holidays and transportation with Music for Little People classes in the Autumn.  Some of the songs will be traditional favourites which some of the children will already be familiar with. Other songs are those especially composed for the classes by Karen Dickinson.  Children learn a lot through the medium of song – especially when those songs are accompanied by actions. They will name familiar objects around the room, name body parts and also incorporate names of actions: we move “faster” and “slower”, stretch “higher” and “lower” and respond to instructions such as “stop” and “go”.

In the first half of term we’ll be singing about our holidays and all the time spent at the beach and frolicking in the sea!   We’ll be “having fun at the seaside” and sailing with the good ship on the “Alley–alley-Oh”.  You’d better watch out for the pirates who go “this way, that way, forwards and backwards, over the Irish Sea” – but maybe we’ll be able to row our boats quickly enough out of the way.

In the second half of term we’ll move on to all sorts of songs about transport.  We’ll be singing about the traffic lights and how to cross the road as well as going down to the station to see all the trains.  We’ll be riding bicycles, flying in aeroplanes and taking all kinds of trips in our “uggily buggily buggies”.

We’ll also be experiencing music from all over the world – such as listening to music inspired by the sea from the classical repertoire, getting surprised by Byörk, and playing along with jazz numbers about trains.  An exciting range of rhythm is also experienced during the classes – the little ones will be bouncing faster and slower on their carer’s knee; our two-year olds will be having fun tapping with the puppets and learning their rhythmic names and the older children will be making rhythm sentences using the names of familiar seaside objects for the first half of term and then different modes of transport in the second half.

The classes will maintain a familiar structure enjoyed by the children.  This enables them to anticipate what is coming next and to feel secure in the Music for Little People environment.   Classes begin with a “hello song” and a section called “finding the voice”.  Children love to experiment with their voices and this section enables them to practice many of the vocal skills necessary for successful singing. This is one of the most popular parts of the class with the children!  The Music for Little People curriculum is a progressive one and your child will learn skills that will lay the foundations for future learning.

Don’t forget – if you recommend a friend to Music for Little People, and they sign up for a 10-week term, you will receive a voucher for ONE FREE CLASS to be used in a subsequent term. We are looking forward to seeing you soon at music class!