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Music for Little People is one of the most precious treasures of Cambridge.  Our lovely Tuesdays in your kind and warm classes, will be part of Guilherme's memories.

Many thanks, Leila and Gui - Cambridge

My daughter has got so much out of these classes. We've been going for a year and she knows all the words and actions to the songs - and she loves it! The classes are really well-organised and have a variety of activities to keep the children interested. Highly recommended!

Elizabeth - Buckden

I took my little boy, Alexander, (17 months old) to MFLP today and we both really enjoyed our first class. We will be returning next week for some more fun! We loved all the songs and look forward to learning all of the actions. The class had lots of variety and included time to play with some musical toys too. Would recommend MFLP.

Samantha - Buckden

Both of my children have been to these classes from a few weeks old and have loved them. There is a good mix of structured activities and free-play. Now 2, my daughter now loves to sing along.

Sally - Cambridge

I have been taking my daughter, Poppy (2 Years) too MFLP for about six months now and we absolutely love it. We both love learning the songs and actions and often sing them on the car journey home. As the weeks have progressed I have noticed that Poppy will tap along to songs in time to the music, sessions have also helped in her learning words such as helicopter, sounding out each syllable as part of a rhythm. Poppy often gathers up her dolls and teddies and holds little music classes for them, sitting them in a circle and singing the songs from the week’s session, she always ends by offering them a sticker!

Jose - Cambridge