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  • Music for Little People

    Learning Through Music
  • Music for Little People

    Social Development and Education
  • Music for Little People

    Qualified teachers and musicians
  • Music for Little People

    We provide music classes for nurseries,
    preschools and birthday parties

Radio Cambridgeshire

Music for Little People Director Karen Dickinson explains about Music for Little People on Radio Cambridgeshire accompanied by some little ones from Buckden Day Nursery. It's roughly between 1:47:30 and 1:52:40 and you can play the game "count the uses of the word 'absolutely'." We make it 7.


There are 2 music CDs available which replicates as closely as possible what happens in a Music for Little People class in order to maintain the familiar structure enjoyed by the children.

A Talent for Music?

"What is spoiled or omitted at this age cannot be put right later on.

In these years man's future is decided practically for his whole lifetime."

- Zoltan Kodály

Music is not a gift or a talent, but a language that can be learned by anyone capable of attention, awareness and memory.

Boogie Pete!

We had such a great time with Boogie Pete who was promoting his new show Boogie Pete Live! (7 March at The Junction in Cambridge). He showed us a few of his latest moves, and the children joined in with some of their favourite songs and dances such as Go, Go, Mango; Hey Monkey; Ocean Motion and many more.