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  • Music for Little People

    Learning Through Music
  • Music for Little People

    Social Development and Education
  • Music for Little People

    Qualified teachers and musicians
  • Music for Little People

    We provide music classes for nurseries,
    preschools and birthday parties

A Talent for Music?

"What is spoiled or omitted at this age cannot be put right later on.

In these years man's future is decided practically for his whole lifetime."

- Zoltan Kodály

Music is not a gift or a talent, but a language that can be learned by anyone capable of attention, awareness and memory.

Many parents have asked me what is the best age and developmental stage for a small child to begin lessons on a musical instrument. There will always be debate on the best age to begin learning a specific instrument, but carefully planned music classes can introduce the child to the language of music and make a significant contribution to other areas of learning. Other parents have told me that they would love their children to be "musical". I strongly believe that music is a language and as such can be learned. If we do not speak to our children, they will not learn how to talk - if we make music with our children, they will not only learn that it is something which we personally value, but also learn skills that will help them throughout their lives. All children have the capacity to be musical if exposed to musical opportunities.

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