Jo - Mum to Georgia (3)

Music for Little People provides a structured learning environment instead of just "bash and sing". It's got a definite path that is followed to expose children to the language of music and a wide range of material.

Sarah - mother of Robbie (2) and William (4)

The best thing about Music for Little People is the opportunity given for freedom of expression and there is lots of variety.

Estelle - mother to twins Joshua and Judith (2)

The children love it!

Diane - Mum to Holly (11 months)

Music for Little Peopleis great fun. I can see the children really enjoying themselves and their little personalities begin to show. I have tried other activities for babies and Holly and I enjoy MLP by far the most.

Nancy - mother of David and Victoria (3)

Music for Little People has added so much to our lives.

Brookmont Children's Centre

The kids are off to a musical adventure...It's the full experience in which every child seems to delight.

Maria - Mother to Larissa

Larissa is now taking piano lessons and I'm convinced that the time she spent with Music for Little People has benefited her enormously.

Jean - Mother of Diana (4)

Our Thursday mornings are filled with music, dance, rhythm and fun!

Amy - Mother to James and Adele

I have been taking my son to MFLP classes in Buckden for about 6 months and he really enjoys them. He started aged 2 and understands the format, which is broadly repeated each week. He has picked up the songs and whilst he is still shy in class, loves making us all do the hokey cokey in the living room at home! My daughter also went to Karen's classes while at Buckden Day Nursery and loved them. She was soon teaching me new songs and actions and particularly liked to practice what she had learnt running round madly on our trampoline. I went to Monkey Music classes in London which were great too, but Karen's classes are more relaxed and friendly and, since they are an hour long, she breaks up the singing with free play with instruments and the children dance and run about to keep them interested. Thoroughly recommend it!

Jose - Mother to Poppy (2)

I have been taking my daughter, Poppy (2 Years) too MFLP for about six months now and we absolutely love it. We both love learning the songs and actions and often sing them on the car journey home. As the weeks have progressed I have noticed that Poppy will tap along to songs in time to the music, sessions have also helped in her learning words such as helicopter, sounding out each syllable as part of a rhythm. Poppy often gathers up her dolls and teddies and holds little music classes for them, sitting them in a circle and singing the songs from the week's session, she always ends by offering them a sticker!


Both of my children have been to these classes from a few weeks old and have loved them. There is a good mix of structured activities and free-play. Now 2, my daughter now loves to sing along.