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♫ In January, we shall be returning to Music for Little People after enjoying family time together. The children will be excited about the new gifts they have received and I am sure they would like to share that excitement with their new friends at music class.

♫ Music for Little People has lots of exciting material planned for the spring term. We shall be thinking of time spent with families and gift giving as we sing songs and listen to music about dolls, teddy-bears and other toys. The children especially love the "teddy-throw" song that comes at this time of year, which helps with counting skills. We'll also be warming ourselves up by "chopping the chillies out" at the beginning of the term and gradually warming up for the spring with lots of songs which will herald the warmer weather. Children learn such a lot through the medium of song especially when those songs are accompanied by actions. They will name familiar objects around the room, name body parts and also incorporate names of actions: we move "faster" and "slower", stretch "higher" and "lower" and respond to instructions such as "stop" and "go". Some of the songs will be traditional favourites such as "Wind Your Bobbin Up" and "Miss Polly had a Dolly" which some of the children will already be familiar with. Other songs are those especially composed for the classes by Karen Dickinson.

♫ We shall again be experiencing music from around the world. There are several pieces that use "Toys" as a theme and the children always enjoy dancing with scarves, playing with the wide range of percussion instruments and colouring the pictures they "hear" in the music. The music also covers many different styles and music by a wide range of different composers. The different genres we explore include 60's rock and roll, classical, jazz and Icelandic folk music!

♫ The classes will maintain the familiar structure enjoyed by the children. This enables them to anticipate what is coming next and to feel secure in the Music for Little People environment. Classes begin with a "hello song" and a section we call "finding the voice". Children love to experiment with their voices and this section enables them to practice many of the vocal skills necessary for successful singing. We exercise our tongues, make sounds that raise the pitch of our voices higher and lower, practise forming consonants and vowels, and use our voices to imitate animal sounds. This is one of the most popular parts of the class with the children! We shall also be meeting the puppets and learning their rhythmic names, making rhythms with the names of toys and making new friends! The Music for Little People curriculum is a progressive one and your child will learn skills that will lay the foundations for future learning.

♫ The spring schedule is enclosed; please feel free to pass on this information to your friends. Don't forget that if you recommend a friend to Music for Little People, and they sign up for a 10-week term, you will receive a voucher for ONE FREE CLASS to be used in a subsequent term. I am looking forward to seeing you at music class!